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Health Insurance Identification and Referral

Medical Home

Body Mass Index

Immunization Services

Health Screenings

Medical Services/Referrals

Health Services Advisory Committee

Health and Wellbeing Services

Housing Assistance

Child Abuse and Neglect Services

English Second Language (ESL) Training

Domestic Violence Services

Father Involvement

Relationship/Marriage Education

Substance Abuse Treatment

Health Education

​Family Goals Setting/Partnerships

Disabilities Services

Dental Home

Preschool Dental Services

Inf/Tod Preventive Dental Services

Pregnant Women Dental Services

Pregnant Women - Prenatal Health

Mental Health Services/Referrals

Individualized Health Planning

Please contact your local program regarding information about each of the above services/resources. To find a local program, please go to the Program Locator.

Community Partnerships/Initiatives include but are not limited to:

Local Education Agency (LEA) Agreements to coordinate Disabilities Services, Transition Services, and other Collaboration and Resource Sharing

Pre-Kindergarten Collaboration and Resource Sharing Agreements

Part C Agreements to Coordinate Disabilities Services

Child Welfare Agency Collaboration Agreements

Family Shelter Partnership

Oral Health and Childhood Obesity Initiatives

Head Start/Early Head Start and CT Department of Children and Families Initiatives

Ongoing working relationships with CT State Departments

Ongoing working relationships with child care, child welfare, homeless services, and others

All Head Start/Early Head Start Programs conduct regular Community Assessments to match services to local needs of families

Community Engagement

Head Start  Services and Resources

Serving and Supporting Preschool Children with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

Infant/Toddler Part C Early Intervention Services


Emergency/Crisis Intervention

Mental Health Services

Adult Education

Job Training

Parenting Education

Child Support Assistance

Substance Abuse Prevention

Resource and Referral; Linkages to Assistance

Assistance to Families of Incarcerated Individuals