Head Start and Early Head Start addresses all areas of child development and early learning essential for school and long-term success. The Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework (children 3 - 5 years old), the Early Head Start Program Performance Measures (Infants/Toddlers), Connecticut Early Learning Standards and other guidance documents (for children Birth - 5 years old), and current research in child development and learning support Head Start and Early Head Start programs to identify established school readiness and promote the school readiness of children by enhancing their development in a learning environment that supports children's growth.

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Early Learning and Development & School Readiness Goals

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Physical Development and Health

Approaches to Learning

Language Development

Mathematics Knowledge and Skills

Creative Arts Expression

Social and Emotional Development

Logic and Reasoning

Literacy Knowledge and Skills'

Science Knowledge and Skills

Social Studies Knowledge and Skills

English Language Development

Dual Language Learning